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Plug in your Headphones and Turn Up the Volume
Introducing “Prince Ki Fitness Paathshala”, a podcast brought to you by MnM Talkies, powered by A one-stop show for fitness enthusiasts and all seeking a healthier lifestyle. By answering frequently asked questions and doubts, queries by listeners and busting myths that people normally fall for, Fitness Expert and Transformation Coach, Punjabi Boy Prince Kohli, with his tongue-in-cheek humour will give a daily insight into a healthy lifestyle covering correct nutrition, training, the right diet and supplement usage.


An ex radio and television professional ,who after transforming from 125 kg to 78 kg in 2012 , While perusing a career as an actor in Mumbai , featured in various TV commercials , got his first Cinema break through with a brief appearance in the film Sanju , as Sanjay Dutt’s Friend . While working towards achieving success in one of the most celebrated professions of the country , Prince has been actively involved in helping hundreds of clients helping them achieve their Fat loss or Muscle Building Goals . The 10 episode podcast ” Prince Ki fitness Paathshala” is A consolidated memoir of all the queries and questions that rattle the minds of his clients and people around him . It is an attempt to debunk the myths and answer all common queries regarding ,Fat loss, muscle building along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle .